Work / New Era Materials

The company's mission is to carry out the advanced R&D works in order to introduce process and product innovations that allow us to deliver composite materials of the highest quality by developing automatic production technology for composite components and elements. NEM's flagship products are NEMresin powdered epoxy resin systems for the production of NEMpreg pre-impregnated materials and ready-made composite parts, including custom-made materials. The main recipients of NEM products are manufacturers of sports goods, vehicle parts, structural elements or companies dealing in the repair of composite structures.

Currently, NEM employs about 40 employees and has a well-equipped laboratory and production plant in Modlniczka, where it carries out research, develops NEM technologies and products. NEM’s laboratories cover 5 main areas: material synthesis and modification, thermal analysis and rheology, mechanical tests, flammability tests, and accelerated aging tests.