CMS Producer = engaged, experienced and responsible team of talented coders, web designers and marketing specialists.

We combine creativity with technical know-how to achieve measurable benefits for our clients' businesses. We work to improve brand recognition and sales for your products or services. At CMS Producer, we strongly believe in and support simplicity in all kinds. We believe that each website should be simple to make you business transactions quick and efficient. You can find out more about us and our attitude to work by reading the blog posts.

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  • Development

    We have the courage to think the opposite and always look for challenges. We constantly improve our skills and raise the bar of our excellence.

  • Passion and commitment

    You can see them in our work as we fully engage into projects and take full responsibility for outcomes.

  • Atmosphere of friendship

    We shape friendly and trusting relationships with our clients. We are happy with even small successes and help to overcome problems and barriers in your businesses.

We are experts - we love sharing knowledge.

Our Mission

Our long-term goal has always been to provide comprehensive Internet marketing services at the highest level.

We accomplish this goal by our daily creative and systematic work. You have probably heard this many times, but we are different from other agencies. Really!
We do approach the Client individually by:

  • Tailoring services to individual needs
  • Sometimes working hard in the night to meet client's needs
  • Actively use the latest web tools for the benefit of clients
  • Often use "old" forgotten items such as paper and pencil ... to create the vision

We believe deeply in new and old ideas, because you know the industry, and our job is to change these ideas to be effective on the Internet and translate into your profits.

Our Management Team


Position: Sales Director
Experience: 16 years
Fields: SEO i SEM, sales, marketing strategies
E-mail: robert@cms-producer.com
Tel: +44 744 314 81 50

Motto: "Mind are like parachutes. They work when open."


Position: Programing Director
Experience: 12 years
Fields: programing, database, new technologies, mobile apps
E-mail: lukas@cms-producer.com

Motto: "First, solve the problem. Then, write the code."


Position: Social Media Manager
Experience: 11 years
Fields: social media, copywriting and marketing strategies
E-mail: agnes@cms-producer.com

Motto: "Do it with passion or not at all"